What is irritable bowel syndrome?


Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms

The most common symptoms of IBS are bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, cramping, and constipation. Moreover, people with IBS experience, on average, 4 out of these 5 symptoms. Unsurprisingly, the pain and discomfort of IBS, combined with experiencing embarrassing symptoms in public, often compromises overall quality of life. 


Who has irritable bowel syndrome?

IBS is more common than you might think. Typically, people with IBS don’t walk around saying “I can’t fit into my clothes!” or “I’m afraid of being stuck without a bathroom!”. Albeit, they think it. Comparatively, more women have IBS than men. For this reason, looking pregnant is often a concern for IBS sufferers. 


How to “diagnose” irritable bowel syndrome

It’s important to realize that IBS isn’t a medical condition, as such. In fact, it’s a term used to describe a person experiencing digestive symptoms. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need a doctor’s diagnosis of IBS.

Nevertheless, it’s helpful to identify as having IBS in order to access the right care. Thus, you may obtain a a diagnosis by undergoing medical investigations to rule out any serious diseases. On the whole, it’s straightforward. However, you should always learn from a specialist if you’re unsure.


Nutritional Therapy for IBS


Why choose nutritional therapy?

What should you eat? What should you avoid? There’s a lot of misleading IBS information out there. Meanwhile, most healthcare professionals don’t have the well-rounded knowledge and experience required to manage IBS holistically:

  • Doctors aren’t trained in nutritional medicine.
  • Dietitians tend to give outdated government-approved advice.
  • Nutritionists have very little or no clinical experience.
  • And, naturopaths can’t specialize in IBS for legal reasons.

Where does that leave you??

Nutritional therapy combines functional medicine and scientific research to discover the root cause of IBS. In this way, you can bring your body back into a balanced biochemical state to allow it to heal naturally.

An IBS expert teaches our courses

Our CEO, Sophie Ash, BSc (Hons), DipION, NNCP, has a Nutrition and Dietetics degree from a highly-ranked British university, as well as a Nutritional Therapy Diploma from a top London school.

Sophie has worked as a dietitian alongside doctors. She specializes in IBS and works closely with other healthcare professionals, including naturopaths. What’s the key takeaway here?


We take a unique approach to IBS management.

Importantly, our online courses are created and delivered by an IBS expert. And, not only that, by a nutritional therapist who has a background in conventional medicine, nutrition research, and complimentary medicine.

Visit our online courses page to learn more!

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